1. So these are my first progress shots. This was basically achieved with diet alone, and the first was taken around July 2012, the fourth in around November 2012. So a huge gap. I wasn’t pushing myself too much, just trying to eat a bit better.

    I’d really like to get back to that fourth picture - now several months on, I probably look more like the second or third one. I’ll post a new progress shot soon.

    I’ve decided to quit sugar. I know it makes me feel awful, and I don’t seem to be an “everything in moderation” person. I quit milk chocolate over a month ago, didn’t miss it at all. Bought mini Cadbury Easter eggs on a whim (read: PMS) and since then have binged on milk chocolate twice.

    My aims are to drastically reduce sugar. I have Stevia for tea (although I managed to half the amount of sugar I was having in that already!) and only eat foods that have 5g or less of sugar per 100g. I’ll still have some fruit, but not multiple pieces a day - I just don’t need it.

    I’m also seriously upping my activity level. I’m not looking it as slogging it out at the gym every day. I’m doing Pilates, doing cardio, doing body weight exercises. I’m just trying to find some things I enjoy and will stick to. I’d like to take up kickboxing again, I felt great when I did that. Things I really don’t enjoy: Pump and endless circuits of weights. I like to toss weights in there, I like to squat. But I get bored very easily. I actually find I have more mental stamina with cardio, which was unexpected. But anyway - I want to be healthy, I want to be fit, I want to slim down and have some tone. I don’t need a 6 pack, but a nice flat tummy with a little definition is what I’m working towards.

    To start with progress is slow and frustrating because I can’t see any difference. But I keep reminding myself it’ll be 4 weeks till I see a difference, 8 weeks till family sees a difference and 12 weeks until everyone else sees a difference. It will be worth it. I’m not after short term, magical weight loss. I want health. For life. And now, after a two year plateau and yo-yo-crap-eating and inconsistent workouts I’m ready to take the plunge into actually feeding my body things that are good for it.

    B: Piece of rye toast, 1.5 small rasher of bacon, egg and tomato, a tea with one sugar (the plan I’m doing suggests phasing out sugar in week one, hence one sugar. When I was 18 I would have 4!).

    MT: Banana with <1tblsp natural peanut butter, small tea with Stevia and almond milk (not sure I liked the almond milk…)

    Plan for the rest of the day;

    L:Corn thins with cream cheese and salmon

    AT: Nuts or popcorn, green tea

    D: Chicken with yellow curry, potato/pumpkin and mixed vege (and coconut milk in the curry, which is apparently quite good when you’re cutting out sugar) and a serve of basmati rice.

    D: 1 piece dark choc.

    I’m doing a Body Balance class this afternoon, which I love. I might also add on a few extra squats and things, if I can manage it. I’m learning to push myself harder - yesterday I torched a nice 700 calories in the gym. Bloody good feeling, considering it was a workout I didn’t even want to do.

    Anyway, there’s my life story, the reason behind this pic, where I’m at now and where I’m trying to go. I’m going to update as often as I can and learn to worry about types of food and being more active, rather than “zomg calories!” all the time. It turns me into a crazy person.

    Thanks for all your amazing Fitspo, fitblrs! You’re what’s given me that extra push.


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